A June home check-up list will help you make sure you keep your home in order while you’re having fun. When you periodically do maintenance and upkeep on your home, you’ll worry less all year long about things breaking down. During the summer, when your kids are out of school and your family is out on vacation, take a few hours to give your home a check-up first. 

Start outside and get the whole family to help:
  1. Power wash driveway, walkways and sidewalks and repair/seal cracks
  2. Repair or replace missing and broken boards in your fence and deck
  3. Clean patios, porches and decks including all outdoor furniture and grill
  4. Trim back branches of trees and shrubs from your roof, fence, and other structures
  5. Devise your watering plan: irrigation system, sprinklers, hose and make sure it’s all working
  6. Plant your summer flowers and shrubs, adding a protective layer of mulch
Inside your home, maximize sunshine and minimize heat:
  1. Start by changing the air-conditioner filter to optimize efficiency
  2. Program your thermostat for summer
  3. Clean windows inside and out, adding sun shades, blinds, or sun-blocking film to the glass
  4. Turn blinds angled up to keep reflect heat back out of your home
  5. Replace the lights in your home with LED lights where possible — they burn the coolest
  6. Switch directions on your fan so it runs counterclockwise allowing it to push cool air down