House hunting tips for older buyers can help you identify your unique home needs from young people with kids buying their first home. Why would older home buyers be on the market? Many are downsizing as empty nesters, or changing locations for retirement. What should you look for in a new home?

Practical Features

You might be looking for a smaller home to lower heating and cooling costs, to have less home or yard to take care of, or for a single-story floorplan. You might need only two bedrooms, a smaller yard, a well-laid out laundry room or bathroom, or an extra room for an office. 

Practically-speaking, not competing with young parents trying to get into certain school districts might open up interesting neighborhoods for your search.

Overall, look for homes with practical counterspace, storage, and as few stairs as possible. Look for homes where you can eventually add handrails, wheelchair access and seated showers if needed. 

Lifestyle Amenities

Look for features that support your lifestyle choices. Maybe you want a big vegetable garden or a pool. Maybe you want to be on the waterfront, or near the mountains. Choosing a new home as a senior might mean you want to be near the golf course, the hospital, or the grandkids. It might mean moving to a walkable urban area, choosing downtown condo, or moving to the country.

Your agent can locate homes that meet your new needs as an older buyer and help focus your search. Just ask!